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Suan Lahu Café

Freshly brewed Organic Coffee


Suan Lahu Café

Freshly brewed Organic Coffee

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The new Suan Lahu Café

You can find us on Thapae Road
in Chiang Mai city center within a small urban community compound called Thapae East.

Our cosy cafe is a part of the
Trace Hotelistro.

The fragrance of Organic Suan Lahu coffee beckons you to take the stairway to meet our friendly staff who will serve you our fresh organic coffee roasts
with a smile.

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Comfortable and welcoming with a fast
internet connection.

A great place to hang out in the
center of Chiang Mai...


Please come along and enjoy a distinctive organic Suan Lahu Arabica cup of freshly
ground organic coffee.