Suan Lahu's farm team features long-lasting friendship and cooperation.  
The team has been hand-roasting coffee since early 2009.

On request, we also prepare fresh roasts in Chiang Mai,
as we recently demonstrated at our latest Blind Cupping event, 
in March 2017, at Thapae East. 




Lo-Ue is Suan Lahu’s co-founding production manager and chief roaster since 2012. Applying the agricultural skills he gained in organic farming, the fun-loving father of three is at the heart of the enterprise. 

Lo-Ue has guided not only the farm team, he has also run the Suan Lahu Visiting Program. Living in his parental village, the licensed tour guide informs, orients and hosts Suan Lahu visitors for almost a decade. 


Carina, the co-founding president of Suan Lahu, has long been affiliated with farmers from her research area. The mother of two, she has a background in language education, social anthropology, and development cooperation.

Since 1998, Carina spent years researching ethnicity issues among Lahu highland villagers in SEA Asia. The farm team formed in order to discuss environmental challenges, we stayed on to tap our economic potentials of the organic single estate. Carina has assisted the Suan Lahu team with building relationships around these issues.



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Our junior roaster, here shown right in the picture, is Jale. The father of two, is Lo-Ue's brother in-law. A partner of Suan Lahu team, Jale comes assisting since 2011.

Suan Lahu team comes hand-roasting coffee since early 2009. On request, we also prepare fresh roasts in town, such as done at our recent Blind Cupping event, in March 2017, at Thapae East. 



Jalae is an essential team member, who assists with all tasks done on farm throughout the year. Also known as Aidum, our latest farm team member, is a young father of two. Aidum is good at farming. He also likes crafting things. The bamboo basket shown in the picture was made at our Coffee Harvest Festival in 2016.


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