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Suan Lahu Volunteer Program


Suan Lahu Volunteer Program

Suan Lahu is an organic single estate, co-owned and operated by indigenous highland farmers from northern Thailand. Our Highland Arabica coffee is cultivated in Chiang Rai province.

Your host is our farm manager, Lo-Ue

Your host is our farm manager, Lo-Ue

We offer volunteering positions to people with a serious interest in experiencing and learning about organic farming in the sub-tropical highlands of northern Thailand. Join us to support organic coffee, fruit, and tea cultivation!

We recommend a commitment of one month or more in order to ensure a worthwhile experience for both your Lahu hosts and yourself. And we accept volunteers for a minimum of two weeks. For shorter visits, please check out our Visiting Program.
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Lo-Eu coordinates the volunteer program supporting our coffee, tea, and fruit production, which also supports our homeland and habitat.    Your farm accommodation is free. The only cash contribution we request from volunteers is 40 baht per meal per person. We also require that you have a Thai SIM card for local communication. For best reception in the mountains we recommend you get a TRUE sim card.

“Take things serious which we in Western cultures forgot to care about.”

German volunteer, Julia came to
live and work on our farm for four
weeks and ended up staying for two months…

Volunteer Emily witnessed a Suan Lahu
tambun (merit making) ceremony made because it is considered to be a blessing to have bees make their hive on the farm…


As a Suan Lahu farm volunteer, you will work alongside indigenous highland villagers caring for the soil, plants, animals, and visitors. Our volunteers generally help out six hours a day by assisting the team with a range of tasks mostly following the seasonal calendar. Farm volunteering includes support with any of our daily and periodic farm activities, such as:

  • producing organic pest repellent, wood vinegar

  • feeding our friendly farm animals

  • mulching, weeding, grafting fruit crops

  • grading, roasting, packaging coffee

  • recycling and composting natural resources

  • preparing and applying organic fertilizer

We also offer occasional volunteer positions for people wishing to assist Suan Lahu in the city. Maybe you could help with getting our coffee out into the world. If you are interested, send us a few lines about your background and interests so that we can find a matching task for you. Office-based tasks we sometimes require help with, include:

  • documenting (texts, photos, audio-visuals) projects

  • networking, translating (Thai documents, brochures, etc)

  • maintaining and updating (website, blogs, brochure)

  • marketing (coffee and other farm products)

10 Village Dancers.JPG

Join Us

Join Us


Suan Lahu Farm Manager, Lo-Eu and family

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